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Glenn French Snowblind review

Glenn French Snowblind.

Self-taught musician Glenn French’s music is easy to listen to, very folksy with a touch
of country and still has a sound that many will enjoy listening to. This Connecticut native’s music offers a full rich sound with a maturity that is quite refreshing. His musical influences include Crosby,Stills, Nash, The Beatles, Mamas and Papas, Jim Croce, and The Turtles.

From Reverbnation, we learn his ensemble consists of: Glenn French: singer/
songwriter,guitar, John Kearns: guitar, David Russell: fiddle, mandolin Chris James, Rob
Barry: keyboard Michael French: drums. In a recent interview, I asked Glenn who some
of his favorite singers or groups are and he replied he likes Dave Mathews, John Mayer,
Train, and Daniel Powter.

French has a way with both singing and songwriting, letting it show on Snowblind.
Glenn states, “I write from the heart about circumstances I’ve personally come across,
love, and relationships with different people.” His music has a varied style from easy
listening (‘The Open Road’) to folk (‘Young Boy’s Eyes’) to country (‘It’s All Behind
Me,’ and ‘Soldier’), and French even splashes some easy rock in a few of his songs (‘The
Simple Things’ and ‘Was It All A Dream’). His voice lends a unique authenticity to the
ballads of ‘Snowblind’ and ‘On The Night Train’.

Glenn French - Snowblind album


Glenn offered some advice for those starting out in the business, “My only advice would
be to follow your heart and hold true to what you believe in. Most importantly, don’t
quit your day job until your new opportunity is 100% certain. There’s also a lot of music
scams out there.” French crafts a unique sound using several styles of music, and this will
make him a lasting singer and songwriter for a long time.

Glenn French

Glenn French

You can follow Glenn French on Twitter, or “Like” his page on Facebook for more upcoming information.

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