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Winslow Left of the Right Direction Album Review

Cleveland’s heralded soul/rock band Winslow, is set to release their much anticipated sophomore album Left of the Right Direction on March 26th by Little Fish Records and RCR Recording Studios. The 6-piece teamed up with Grammy-Award Winning Producer Edwin “Tony” Nicholas, who has worked with Barry White, Mary J Blige, and Gerald Levert. As well as with Grammy-Nominated engineer Nick Chahwala who has worked with Katy Perry, Mariah Carey, and Gym Class Heroes to produce this new album.

In an age that allows anyone with a few bucks and a computer at home to record an album it is hard to find truly skilled musicians. Winslow of the United States rock capital, Cleveland, Ohio definitely delivers the music skill that seems to be finding itself lost in the age of modern music.

If their second album release Left of the Right Direction proves anything about this group, it is that you can tell each member of the band has a background in diverse styles of music and instruments. It really comes through in their music.

Right out of the gate, “Ain’t That a Shame” and “Alone Tonight” displays a wide array of musicality in the arrangement and composition of the songs. Sexy lyrics, intense vocal passages, brilliant harmonies, catchy guitar riffs, great solos, well placed horn sections and tight rhythm for the entire duration of the album courtesy of drummer Jesse Marquardt and bassist Danny Kolliner.  Simply amazing for a band that classifies themselves as a Funk/Jazz/Rock group.

Marice Martin’s exceptional vocal abilities are apparent by the time the album is done. Singing everything from Rock N’ Roll to R&B he never once shows any lack of comfort with the style changes. As well as a wonderful mind for harmonies as heard in almost every song on the album.

Also impressive is guitarist Charlie Trenta’s almost perfect execution of solos and super catchy riffs. Whether he means to or not, many riffs conjure thoughts of some of John Mayer’s greatest songs as heard in “Last Goodbye”. Matt Tieman also adds a lot of that Jazz flavor with wonderful Tenor Sax solos and riffs on most of the album.

Every song on the album display a wide variety of instrumentation such as horns in the album opener “Ain’t That A Shame”, a synth in “The Change” and organ in “Last Goodbye” all courtesy of talented multi-instrumentalist Curtis Tate.

Though musically brilliant, well mixed and wonderfully arranged, the album is not without faults. Lead Singer Maurice Martin is a brilliant vocalist but because of the many changes in vocal style displayed on the album I found it hard to really get an idea of the type of artist this amazing singer was but none-the-less his lyrics are wonderfully captivating! I also felt that at times like there were to many solos and instrumental passages. So much so that at times I began to get bored waiting to hear lyrics or listening to a song drag on. This can happen with any brilliant group of musicians though. After-all, Stairway to Heaven was a musical masterpiece and was eight minutes long, but Led Zeppelin also wrote it after they were famous.

Winslow is a brilliant band with all the potential in the world. Their album Left of the Right Direction is a dazzling display of music ability, that is sadly at times drowned out by what seems to be an inability to not showcase that talent.

As a listener that loves good catchy tunes, this album is worth every cent. If you are a true musician that appreciates the skill displayed by the band, it’s worth even more.
They definitely have earned Cleveland’s proud praise. After some growth and control I can’t wait to hear the next album from the brilliant boys of Winslow!”

The first single from Left of the Right Direction “Alone Tonight” can be purchased here on iTunes. You can also follow Winslow on Twitter and Instagram or like their Facebook page by selecting the appropriate links above.

Winslow’s Upcoming Shows:
Feb 15             Millenium Music Conference @ Rods Roadhouse      Harrisburg, PA
Mar 1               Musica                                     Akron, OH
Mar 2               Lemon Grove                          Youngstown, OH
Mar 8               Buzzbin Art & Music               Canton, OH
Mar 14             Red Gorilla Music Fest           Austin, TX
April 13            Mojos                                      Jamestown, NY
Apr 15             University of Akron                 Akron, OH
Apr 27             Brother’s Lounge                     Cleveland, OH
May 3              WJCU 5th Birthday Party       Cleveland, OH

Look for Winslow’s release Left of the Right Direction on March 26th. Please head to www.winslowsoul.com for current updates until then.


-JT Reyes of Truth and the Lies

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